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Cream Gel for oedematous cellulite blemishes. Formulated with pure caffeine, extract of ivy and carnitine. Contributes to redefine the silhouette.

Suitable for oedematous cellulite, with swelling of the legs and water retention.
* Recommended for cellulite blemishes.

For 90% of the panel the swelling in the legs appeared reduced*
-1 cm** average reduction of the thigh circumference*

* Independent lab tests_panel of 20 people_for 30 days
** Instrumental test

200 ml - 6.7 fl.oz. US.


  • Apply twice a day on dry skin with a circular massage from bottom to top.

    Attention: the product contains caffeine and therefore is inadvisable for pregnant women.

    It is recommend to read the warnings on the package.

    Constant and daily application with cycles of at least a month optimises the results.

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