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whitening aging defense cream

a rich cream-gel which is fresh and gives the skin a velvety feel, while actively working on hyper-pigmentation and favouring an even and luminous skin tone

Actiwhite™, pearl powder, vitamin C, karitè butter

50 ml 1.69 fl.oz.


  • Actiwhite™ is an innovative whitening complex which is able to inhibit the production of melanin and block the transfer of melanin along the dendrites of the melanocytes. This means that the melanin does not arrive at the keratinocytes and therefore we obtain a reduction in pigmantation in a completely safe and dermocompatible way, indicated even for skins which are more reactive. pearl powder, thanks to its high content of essential amino acids and mineral salts, has a deeply hydrating action and bestows luminosity to the skin. vitamin C, in its stabilized form, carries out an antioxidant action, stimulating cellular renewal, favouring the synthesis of new collagen and anhancing the whitening action of Actiwhite™

  • apply to face, décolleté and hands. Massage until completely absorbed

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