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Applied once a day directly on the skin contributes to bestow to the silhouette a redefined look. Formulated with pure caffeine, fucus and carnitine can be used alone or in combination with other specific products.
An ideal product also for keep in a simple and practical manner the results day after day.

Recommended for all types of cellulite blemishes*. For a dramatic effect, constant daily application is recommended in combination with a body strategist cream or cream gel.
* Recommended for cellulite blemishes.

For 100% of the panel the patches are effective*
-1 cm** average reduction of the thigh circumference*

* Independent lab tests_panel of 20 people_for 30 days
** Instrumental test

28 patch


  • Apply one patch per day on dry skin, in the lumbar area or the buttocks.
    Can be use in combination with a cream against cellulite blemishes, to be applied after the patch, so that the cream can adhere perfectly to the skin.
    Replace after 24 hours.
    Do not apply more than one patch per day.

    Attention: the product contains caffeine, therefore its use is not recommended to pregnant women.

    Please read the warnings on the package.

    For a booster effect apply in combination with Body Strategist Cream or Cream Gel. For maintenance and to kick start the metabolism, you can continue applying the patch even in combination with other body creams.

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