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Cream for adipose cellulite localized blemishes. Formulated with pure caffeine, single-cell micro algae and carnitine. Contributes to redefine the silhouette.

Suitable for resistant cellulite* blemishes and in conjunction with localized adiposity (thighs, knees, calves, ankles).
* Recommended for cellulite blemishes.

Product Results
For 80% of the panel the ripples appeared reduced*
-1 cm** average reduction of the thigh circumference*

* Independent lab tests_panel of 20 people_for 30 days
** Instrumental test

200 ml - 6.7 fl.oz. US.


  • Spread with a quick light massage twice daily on dry skin.
    The cream gives a sensation of alternating heat and cold, with a soft tingle and redness, that may last about 30/40 minutes and indicates the product’s action.
    Wash the hands after the application.

    Attention: the product contains caffeine and has a thermogenic effect, its use is  not recommended during pregnancy, lactation, in conditions of capillary fragility, thyroid unbalance, while and after sun exposure.

    It is recommended to read the warnings on the package.

    Constant and daily application with cycles of at least a month optimises the results.

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